Friday, June 1, 2007

Contest Winner--I Swear it's not Rigged!

The winner of the May drawing for the $50 gift certificate is...Kathleen Morphy.

Yes, that's right. The same Kathleen who won the book last week. Double congratulations, Kathleen! And all I can say to everyone else is, if you can get this woman to go with you to Las Vegas right about now, you would do really well.

I want to start up a new contest. I need help with ideas. (One idea could be to disqualify Kathleen for at least a month. :)

You can make your suggestions simple or lavish, although I'd prefer to keep things within the bounds of reason. I myself, for example, will jump through almost any hoops to try to win an iPod. (I still haven't won one.) I'm not saying I could afford to give away an iPod, although if it brought about really incredible results, like a mob of new subscribers, might be worth it.

What do you like to win? Gift cards? Books? Do you like lots of little contests? One great big one?

Let me hear from you. I love giving stuff away and will do it as long as I can manage it. Thanks for playing along!