Friday, March 20, 2009

Are You Seeing the New Posts?

Hey, Folks.

Just wanted to check and see if you've found the new blog. Also, if you've subscribed to Dimensions, are you getting your updates? We're posting regularly, so come take a look, or let me know if you're not getting your emails.

I don't want to lose touch with anyone. I've enjoyed getting to know all of you!

Here's how to contact me if you have questions: robing8300 at gmail dot com.

And here's the new URL:


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prizes and More Prizes!

One last reminder to come on over to the new blog, Dimensions: Art and Eternity, not only for the great content, but also for the prizes!

We'll be holding a prize drawing once a week for the first eight weeks or so for lots of cool stuff including hand-made jewelry and books. Then, at the end of April, we'll hold a grand prize drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate.

You can join in the fun by posting comments or by subscribing. SUBSCRIBERS AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE ONE ENTRY INTO EACH DRAWING!

If you want a reminder what the new blog is all about, just click here. Hope to see you at Dimensions!

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Time to Make the Switch!

This is it, folks. Time to switch over to the new blog.

The new blog (Dimensions: Art and Eternity) is up and running, although not in its final form. But we plan to start regular posting there next week. Which means, I won't be posting here after this week, at least not in the near future.

So, I'd like to ask a couple of things of you. First, go over to the new blog and subscribe. There's a very easy subscription box on the right-hand side that you can use. (Just remember step two. After you receive an email about your subscription, you must open up the email message and click on the link to confirm!) After subscribing, you will not only receive notifications every time there's a new post, but you will be entered into EVERY PRIZE DRAWING ON THE SITE!

And there are going to be numerous prize drawings! We're planning to give away something fun every week for about eight weeks, culminating in a big, grand prize drawing at the end of April. You'll be able to get entries by leaving comments, and one automatic entry for being subscribed.

Second thing I'd like to ask of you: If you have your own blog, would you be willing to link to our new site? If you're already linking to The Queen, you can just substitute Dimensions. As an added bonus, if you go ahead and do this now, you won't hear from me about it again! No whining, begging emails showing up in your inbox. Think of the irritation you'll be saving yourself!

Anyway, all my regulars out there have become very special to me, so I hope you'll follow me over to the new site. We'll still talk about perseverance, and pirates, and the strange things that cats do. (I have a bizarre new Wendy story coming up.) There will just be far more variety and a wider range of topics with Kristi's input added in.

Hope to see you at Dimensions!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow is Creepy

When you're a native Georgia girl, snow can be a little bit creepy. Especially when your husband is out of the country, you're all alone in the house, and the snow is falling so hard that you can barely see. I've read horror novels that begin that way.

This was the view of our back yard and shed from the doorway when the snow first started falling. It got more impressive over the next hour or so, but I only had my cell phone for taking pictures (my husband has the camera with him in Chile). So I never managed to capture how beautiful it was. And creepy.

It's been a strange weekend. Yesterday was warm with rain and thunder and tornado warnings all day long. Typical spring weather. When I got up this morning, it was still fairly warm, but then the temperature plummeted. Suddenly we're back to winter.

Dave is in Chile for six weeks, where they're reaching the end of their summer season. I teased him that he's missing the entire Georgia winter and that it will be spring when he gets back next weekend. I may have been right. Next weekend, the high is supposed to be 78 degrees.

That's Georgia for you!

We Have a Winner and a Name!

The winner of the drawing for the $15.00 gift certificate is...Brittany J. Brittany, I'll get your prize to you right away.

Thanks to everyone who gave input. We got some very good advice. Oddly enough, the last suggestion we received is the one that struck both Kristi and me as just right, and it's the one we're going to use. A new visitor to the blog, Lizzieswanhouse, suggested Dimensions: Art and Eternity. We love it! It sums up our concept nicely, is concise and (I think) easy to remember.

I'll let you know when we're up and running. Thanks again for all the help.