Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eight Indications I Need Help

I just discovered I've been tagged by Sally Bradley to tell you eight random things about me. After that, I'm supposed to tag eight other people. (See last paragraph if you've been tagged.) Well, at least Sally didn't specify "amazing" or "fascinating" things about me. That would be really hard. Random I can possibly do.

1. Have you ever seen Nancy Grace, who has a show on CNN? I grew up with her. Went to school with her first grade through twelfth, plus one summer college class.

2. I never used a digital camera until March of this year.

3. I've told you about two of my cats, Wendy and Cera. I had another Himalayan named Tegan who died a couple of years ago. She was 20 years old!

4. I am possibly the biggest Star Wars fan in this or any other galaxy, even those far, far away.

5. This is related to number 4, but I refuse to put them together. This is hard enough as it is. I used to go to science fiction conventions. That's right, I was one of those geeks, and yes, I once wore a Star Trek uniform. (I didn't like Star Trek as much as Star Wars, but they had those really cool uniforms in the movies. If I had dressed as Princess Leia, I would have had to put my hair in those tacky buns on the side of my head. And this was way back, before Padme and all those gorgeous clothes in Attack of the Clones...okay, I'm starting a whole other post here. Plus I'm sounding slightly demented. I'll move on.)

6. I'm kind of depressed this week because I just discovered there's only one more episode of Gilmore Girls.

7. I once worked for a private investigator.

8. I remember seeing the Beatles live on the Ed Sullivan show. I remember a lot of other things about the Ed Sullivan show, including a puppet sketch in which the puppets devoured each other. A caterpillar puppet grabbed some kind of bug, and then a big bird grabbed it, etc. It scared me to death. I'm still slightly uncomfortable watching the Muppets.

Well, this was great. Very good for me, because after reading back over my list, I now realize I am in severe need of psychotherapy! Thanks, Sally!

Now comes the really hard part. I'm new at this, and I barely know eight other bloggers. But here are the ones I decided to inflict this--uh, honor with--naming them: Miralee, Melanie, Judy, Shirl, Robin B., Jess, Terri T., and Angie.

Those of you tagged should post eight random things about yourself on your blog. At the end, tag eight other people and list their names. Leave a comment on their blog telling them they're tagged and to come read your blog for more info.

By the way, I didn't mean for this blog to be as much about me as it has been this week. I will try to get back on track next week, I promise!