Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Announcing Prize Winners--Plus a New Contest

Today was the big day for the two drawings for amazon.com gift certificates.

The first drawing was for subscribers to the blog. I am very pleased to say that by the time of the drawing, I had 32 subscribers. Woo-hoo! I don't think that's bad, considering the blog has only been around for six or seven weeks. So I put the names of subscribers into a bag and shook it up, and pulled one out, and the winner was...

Tara Mixon! Congratulations, Tara--and thanks again for your encouraging guest blog yesterday.

I did a second drawing with the names of everyone who left a comment here. The winner that time was Jess, a visitor to the Queen who left a message on April 24. I've left a message on Jess's blog about the big prize--but if you read this here, email me, okay? I need your email address to send your prize.

Tara and Jess have both won a $50 gift certificate to amazon.com. And now here's the good news. I'm starting up a new contest for the month of May!

I can only afford one gift certificate next time--but I still feel I need to bribe you to read until you are so addicted to the gems of encouragement and knowledge found here that you will no longer be able to resist. So here's what I'm doing for May.

I'm going to hold one combined drawing for one $50 amazon.com gift certificate. I'll hold the drawing on June 1. All new subscribers and everyone who leaves a comment by May 31 will be entered.

I'm going to do entries for commenting a little differently. Every time you leave a comment, you'll get one entry in the drawing. I want to reward those faithful readers who are really supporting the Queen. So if you comment on four separate posts, you'll get four entries in the drawing. Please make sure I can tell who you are or how to get in touch with you. (By the way, if anyone out there has experience with this, how do you handle that part? I don't want to ask people to post personal info--but I want to be able to let them know if they win. If you have brilliant ideas, post them as comments and get entered into the contest!)

Thanks again for all who have participated so far. Help me spread the word!