Monday, March 17, 2008

The Top Five Reasons Why...

...I haven't blogged lately.

5. I took on some extra working grading essays on a test that college students in Georgia must pass before graduating. I did approximately 150 of these in less than a week. By the time I finished, I felt a little disoriented and confused, although I learned a lot of things. For example, apparently there's an old saying that "modesty is the best policy." You can learn a lot of "life lesions" even if you're home schooled. And "quiters never win." Those sentences were in the good essays.

4. Here's a picture of my next reason:

Dave is going to redo the floor in our bedroom, so we had to move everything out. Obviously we left one of Wendy's toys, but that's about it. We moved the furniture and everything else that wasn't nailed down into the basement. The mattress and box springs were the most fun, especially since the box springs wouldn't fit down the stairs and had to be carried around the house.

3. I could hardly move because of sore muscles. (See excuse #4.)

2. I was in a very crabby mood. I emailed a friend of mine about the week I was having, and I think it scared her. So I decided not to inflict that on y'all.

1. I've run out of things to say. Well, almost. I can tell you about one interesting thing I saw today. Here in my hometown we have a yearly Cherry Blossom Festival. People tend to go a little nuts painting things pink, but today I saw the winner. Some folks were out walking one of those big standard-sized poodles, and they had dyed that poor dog pink. Not a soft baby pink. I mean flaming, hot pink! I wish I had had the camera.

I wonder if our groomer would like to try to dye Cera pink.