Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sad News From Our Little Blogging Community

If you read this blog often, you've no doubt seen comments from someone named "Kathleen." I actually became acquainted with Kathleen through this blog. She's been one of my most faithful readers and supporters, and we've become good friends. Yesterday I received some sad news. Her father, who has been battling Lou Gehrig's disease, passed away.

If you want to know true perseverance, take a look at Kathleen's family. I've only known them for a short while, but they're special people. Kathleen and her mother have been taking care of her father at home. Not only that, but Kathleen's sister has some tough health issues, so they've been looking after her, too. Through all these difficulties, they've exhibited an attitude of patience and love that truly inspires me. I never met Kathleen's dad, but she told me stories about how he reacted to the various stages of his disease, with patience and cheer. He must have been a wonderful man.

I'd like to ask everyone to pray for Kathleen and her family through this very difficult time.