Monday, March 3, 2008

Explaining Weird, Scary Message

A couple of subscribers emailed me today saying they received what was alleged to be one of my posts, but it had the scary title "Blogger 403 Forbidden." This title makes it sound like either a) I'm Blogger 403 and I've done something so heinous that I'm forbidden to use the service anymore or b) my message is Blogger 403 and it's going to destroy your computer.

I'd like to assure you that neither is correct. Still not sure exactly what it does mean, but here's what Feedblitz told me: "Apparently last night some Blogger / Blogspot blogs returned "403 Forbidden" errors instead of the publisher's content. It's Blogger's issue, not ours... (and let's hope that whatever ailed Blogger last night is now working again). "

I'll second that. Anyway, hope no one was scared away by the creepy email. I'm also not sure whether anyone got the actual post, "Wendy Picks a Winner." Click on the link if you missed it and would like to see my cat picking the winner of Rotten Reviews & Rejections.