Monday, October 22, 2007

Friendship Bread

I mentioned my recent shopping trip with frequent visitor and commentor Kathleen, and how intimidated I was by her beautiful craft projects. I forgot to mention that, as I was leaving her house, she gave me starter and instructions for Amish Friendship Bread.

Frankly, the bread starter intimidated me, too. You were supposed to do stuff to it every day. Sure, most of it was pretty simple--as simple as mashing the ziplock bag. But did I mention you had to do it every day?

I've explained before how much trouble I seem to have with routine, and doing things on a set schedule. Sure enough, when I reached Day 6 and was supposed to add some ingredients, I realized it about 11:00 at night. You wouldn't believe how I scrounged to come up with a cup of milk. (I will confess that part of it came from a can.)

Somehow, the bread not only survived, but was fabulous. The picture up at the top is proof that I actually stayed the course and baked this bread.

Even more fun, the day for baking fell on my husband's birthday. I bought him a cake (I couldn't bake one, because I was busy with the bread), but he liked the Friendship Bread better. I should have just stuck a candle in it.

And now I have four bags of starter to share with some lucky folks. Don't you wish you lived close by?