Friday, August 10, 2007

Reflections on Eggs and Cocoons

An email from caught my eye this week. It was titled "Is God Letting Your Family Down?" The author, Tim Palla, talked about praying for something specific for weeks or months or years without seeing any progress or any change. He related it to a project he and his children had taken on--hatching chicks from eggs. Turns out this wasn't so much of a fun family project as a lesson in waiting.

Eggs don't change. They show no progress. Inside, the chicks were developing just as they should. But to our naked and impatient eyes, nothing!

Palla used this in relation to prayers for our family members or friends. It's a great lesson for anything we pray for, anything we have to wait for.

I thought of a similar lesson I heard from someone, about butterflies breaking free from their cocoons. If you've ever watched it happen, the struggle looks appalling. You feel terrible for the poor, weak butterfly. At times it appears he'll never make it. But actually, everything is going the way God planned. The butterfly is exercising his wings. He's actually gaining strength. If, on the other hand, some well-meaning person decides to help out and breaks him free from the cocoon, the butterfly will not survive. Without that struggle, he'll be too weak.

Somewhere in the Scriptures it tells us that we can see God's nature and learn about him by looking at his creation. We can also learn a lot about his relationship to us--and about ourselves.