Thursday, July 5, 2007

Review of In Between--By a Teen!

Since Jenny B. Jones's novel In Between is primarily aimed at teenagers, I decided I was not the best person to review it. It's been...uh...let's just say awhile since I was a teenager. I decided to assign it to an expert, my cousin Brittany Jordan, who is not only a teenager but also loves Christian fiction. Without further ado, here's Brittany's take on In Between:

In Between is the first novel written by Jenny B. Jones. The main character Katie Parker is a normal teenage girl with a few differences. Her mom was sent to prison and her dad is out of the picture resulting in Katie being sent to Sunny Haven Home for girls. As soon as she gets used to life in a group home, she is sent to a foster home in the small Texas town of In Between.

This book is about a girl with serious problems but is light-hearted. In Between will keep you laughing. The situations that Katie gets herself into can happen to any one and make it easy for me to relate to her being a teenage girl myself. Katie has the same insecurities that everyone has at one point in life, and it was good to see her process of working through them.

Jenny B. Jones did very well at making the story realistic. I could relate my high school to In Between High School. It was easy to transport myself to the story. I felt like I was there. I would recommend this book to all teenage girls because it shows how much we have to be grateful for and can show that underneath the surface everyone is the same to some degree. While all different everyone has some type of struggle. It will show you all this and provide comic relief. There's not much else you can ask for. Seriously, you need to read this book!