Friday, September 28, 2007

Prizes and Contests Everywhere

Happy Friday! A great time to talk about winning stuff.

First, we're down to the wire on the Queen's contest. The drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to either or Bath & Body Works will be held Monday, Oct. 1. It may be pretty late Monday, because I have to work, but I want to give you all day Sunday, September 30 to leave those last comments (each one is an extra entry) or subscribe. I originally said the deadline was going to be September 29, but I decided to extend it, mostly because I'm too lazy to tackle it this weekend.

Second, here's an announcement that involves shameless self-interest. Camy Tang is having an amazing contest on her website. She's giving away iPods, books, all kinds of good stuff. I've already entered, and most of you probably have, too. But if you didn't know about this contest and want to enter it--please remember you heard about it here. Why? If you say I referred you, I get three additional entries! Have I mentioned to you before how much I'd like to win an iPod?

I told you it was shameless self-interest. Have a great weekend! And good luck in the drawing on Monday.