Monday, May 13, 2013

Waiting for Peter

I hadn't realized my friend Elizabeth Musser was coming out with another book right now, so Waiting for Peter was a lovely surprise. Even though this one made me cry--but in a sweet way. I was also surprised that this story was so close to something I had toyed with writing for years--a story told at least partly from a stray animal's point of view, in which the pet's relationship to his human mirrored our relationship to God. And now Elizabeth has beaten me to it! Well, that's all right. She probably did a better job than I would have, anyway! And particularly appropriate for this blog, it deals a lot with waiting--waiting to be rescued, waiting for God to show up.

Here's more info from Elizabeth's web page: "Peter is a young teen who is emotionally and physically scarred following a tragic accident. Hoping to find a way to help Peter reconnect with his family, his mother, Lanie, agrees to let him adopt a dog from the Humane Society. So begins the relationship between Peter and his neurotic mutt, Sunny.  Told from the alternating points of view of Sunny and Lanie, Waiting for Peter is the story of the healing power of love between a boy and his dog and an allegory of how we should view our relationship with God, our Master."

This novella is especially poignant for those of us who have known the mutual joy of "rescuing" some down and out stray, only to find them ultimately rescuing us. It's only available as an ebook, but you can grab it for your Kindle at Amazon or see more information about ordering here.