Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I'm Coming Back

I am absolutely thrilled to hear from so many of my wonderful cyber-friends again! So touched you responded. I have missed interacting with all of you.

Which is one of the reasons I decided to start blogging again. I’m lonely!

Seriously, I haven’t been networking much of late, other than a quick check-in to Facebook occasionally. And my sister fusses at me for not posting enough there.

But for awhile there, I was putting more time into writing blogs—and reading blogs—than I was into my actual writing. With a full-time job on top of all that, something had to go. So I decided to just concentrate on writing for a little while.

That little while turned out to be longer than I expected, for a number of reasons. But I did do a lot of writing. I’ve worked with a professional editor on a complete overhaul of one of my older novels, and I’m a couple of scenes away from finishing a new one. And guess what? I’m STILL not published!

But there are some developments, including a proposal or two out there in which they ask about my online activities to build a platform. So there’s reason number two for blogging: I guess I should actually have some online activity to report, not just a dormant site or two.

And now for reason number three. I called myself “The Queen of Perseverance” sort of facetiously, of course—but also because the major thing that God has wanted me to learn in life is how to wait. How to have patience and trust during the waiting. Generally, that’s been how to wait for good things, and on occasion (as in the case of having children), how to let go.

I have a totally new waiting and perseverance situation going on now, as I spend another 40 hours or so every week (in addition to the 40-hour a week job) taking care of my elderly parents. My dad has dementia from microvascular ischemia in his brain (sort of like constant mini strokes), and this has been going on for years. This experience has taken the patience and trust and hanging-in-there to a whole new level. It’s made me want to start sharing again…sometimes because I’ve learned a thing or two, or I’ve had an interesting revelation. Sometimes just because I want to give a huge primal scream and can’t figure anything out and want some input from my wise friends out there.

So anyway, hope you’ll hang in there with me! And let me hear how things are going with you. If any of you are still blogging and want to mention it in the comments, I’d love to start following you again, too.