Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow is Creepy

When you're a native Georgia girl, snow can be a little bit creepy. Especially when your husband is out of the country, you're all alone in the house, and the snow is falling so hard that you can barely see. I've read horror novels that begin that way.

This was the view of our back yard and shed from the doorway when the snow first started falling. It got more impressive over the next hour or so, but I only had my cell phone for taking pictures (my husband has the camera with him in Chile). So I never managed to capture how beautiful it was. And creepy.

It's been a strange weekend. Yesterday was warm with rain and thunder and tornado warnings all day long. Typical spring weather. When I got up this morning, it was still fairly warm, but then the temperature plummeted. Suddenly we're back to winter.

Dave is in Chile for six weeks, where they're reaching the end of their summer season. I teased him that he's missing the entire Georgia winter and that it will be spring when he gets back next weekend. I may have been right. Next weekend, the high is supposed to be 78 degrees.

That's Georgia for you!