Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Winner and a New Giveaway

The lucky winner of the $25.00 gift certificate to is...

Tracy Ruckman!

Congratulations, Tracy. Enjoy. As the rest of you know, I do these giveaways pretty often, so I hope you'll stick around and try again.

In the meantime, I have a great new book to give away. It's Every Good and Perfect Gift, by Sharon K. Souza. Here's what it's about:

DeeDee and Gabby have been friends since the sixth grade, when headstrong and courageous DeeDee began mapping out their lives. But after twenty years with her husband DeeDee changes her plan. Nearing forty years old, she wants a baby - now! Two years of infertility, prayers, and outrageous behavior finally results in the birth of DeeDee's demand. Gabby is present for all of it, noting the increasingly strange behavior of her lifelong friend after the baby's birth. Then comes a diagnosis that threatens to shatter their world. Gabby must find the strength and faith to carry DeeDee and herself through the dark unknown, but is she up for it?

I'll be interviewing Sharon Souza on Friday. If you'd like to read this book, leave a comment today or Friday, and I'll announce the winner next Friday, April 11.

And be sure to come back for the interview. Sharon's been on other blogs lately, but I asked her some special questions about her writing journey. Very inspiring stuff.